Meet Our Staff!

At Crossville Veterinary Hospital the team has over fifty years of experience taking care of pets in professional settings. Together they have a wide variety of skills and knowledge they can share with you. After many years of working as a vet and managing locations for other owners, Dr. Denning decided it was time to open her own hospital with the goal of providing contemporary medical & surgical care with personal service. The launch of Crossville Veterinary Hospital in early 2012 took much effort, but it has resulted in the nurturing environment that she considers critical to achieving successful pet care.


Dr. Rosa Denning, DVM


Dr. Denning grew up in an Army family and was born on the base at Fort Hood, Texas. She also lived near bases in New Jersey, Florida and Hawaii. She has been licensed as a veterinarian for over twenty years and prior to that she was a vet technician for seven years. She earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida and previously spent her formative years at Mary Baldwin College and the University of West Florida. She has attended continuing education courses and conferences at the University of Georgia. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association. Early on in her career she was licensed and practiced in other states including Hawaii, Florida, and New York. Dr. Denning has been a veterinarian in Georgia since 2002 in the Roswell and Marietta areas.

She has always loved animals. She had many pets as a child and she continues to rescue and foster pets that are in need of a home. Her family is constantly caring for some combination of dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, and fish. A few years ago they lived on a farm in Ballground and owned or fostered twenty pets including chickens, horses, birds, bunnies, cats, and a dog. Dr. Rosa Denning has two daughters who attend school in Roswell at High Meadows School.


Gary, Judy and Isabella Denning

Support Team

When a pet is still recovering from surgery at the end of the evening and Dr. Denning decides to take it home to keep a careful eye on it, it is these three who also will be petting, nurturing or whispering calmly to it late into the night. If you are ever walking your dog and two young girls approach and ask to pet it and then proudly say they want to be vets like their mom, it may well be Dr. Denning's daughters. They have been surrounded by pets their whole lives and always want to be helpful. They can frequently be found walking dogs on weekends or trying to coax a recovering pet into eating its meal.

Gary is a business professional who has worked in banking, consulting, education and corporate development. He worked closely with Dr. Denning in developing the property and setting up the hospital. When not working elsewhere, he is often using his knowledge of marketing, finance and strategy to try to help out at CVH. By the way, he has a B.A. from Duke University, an M.B.A. from Fordham University and an M.A.T. from Emory University.